Bile Ratha

Bile Ratha is the Celtic version of the tree of life, a motif found in many mythologies such as the Norse Yggdrasil and the Upanishads Universal Tree. It is associated with the ancient mating of heaven and earth - the Great Marriage. The World Tree links humanity to the cosmos as its roots press toward earth's axis and its branches reach toward heaven.

The Celts regarded Bile Ratha as the symbol for the center of the universe, the axis mundi, which is also a place of entrance to the Otherworld.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carl Jung - Collective Unconscious and Ancestral Memory

Carl Jung's theory on the collective unconscious and ancestral memory seems to explain in a rather simple and beautiful way things that have been bouncing around in my brain. Also, it meets Dirac's standards of beauty in underlying principle.

The Collective Unconscious -

"This part of the human psyche represents a storehouse of memories of the part of both the human and the animal race. This collective unconscious also represents wisdom and self-knowledge at the deepest level."

Carl Jung spoke of archetypes as recognizable symbols that are passed down collectively from generation to generation. These archetypes are shared knowledge and connection among the whole human race (like spirals), but I say it is more than that.

Within each of our minds is a history, a repository of knowledge that has been passed on to us individually from our direct ancestors. Dr. Darold Treffert calls it "inherited knowledge." Marshall Nirenberg, in 1968, wrote a paper on what could possibly be actual DNA/RNA mechanisms for what he calls “Genetic Memory.”

Perhaps we are able to "remember" things genetically from this inherited storehouse, which is why certain music thrills and touches us, or why we long for things we've never actually known, or why we feel a deep and unfathomable connection to a place we've never been.

I do think, down the long corridor of birth, and death, and recollection, there are ancestral memories stronger in some than in others. Perhaps the imprinting from certain antecedents can be dominant, just like a dominant genetic trait will always rise to the top.


nickyhopkins said...

Babylon 5 was also concerned with Carl Jung's theory on the collective unconscious and ancestral memory!

Anonymous said...

I personally have experienced traits and tendencies for as long as I can remember that lead me to believe that ancestral memory has to be valid. It's the only explanation that I have come across that makes sense...

Anette said...

I have recently found an old family tree from Norway. With help from the internet I have found hundreds of ancestors. Many of these people lived in a strange place, like the Orkney islands, places that I have always had a connection with, but not known why, pieces seem to be fitting together..../

Anonymous said...

I had a dream about a woman and her lover in which she mentioned his name. I looked up the name and recently after drawing up my family tree, I found out that the name from the dream was actually one of my ancestors, and their story was exactly the way I had dreamt it.

Anonymous said...

You appear to be catching substance with out diving into the fantasy land of the new age. It is very difficult at times to discern what is real and what is not. The difference can be a very thin line. Keep going.

nyx said...

I just think there's so much that we don't understand still about *everything*, but our 21st century mind-set has made us believe that we're no longer in the dark ages of scientific knowledge. It's easier for us to say things like 98% of our DNA is junk, than to admit that we really have no idea what its purpose is.

In any case, it's fun to think about and talk about. Thanks everyone for sharing your great comments!

Anonymous said...

I have had two vivid memories as long as I can remember. Even as a small child, these memories or recollections were as real to me as the present. In one, I am a child walking along a rocky cliff above the ocean. Its dark, and above me is a rock house with a dim glow from a window. The smell of firewood burning in the wind is haunting...I recently saw a picture from was a rocky trail along a cliff above the ocean. At the top of the trail was a rock house. It took my breath away. I knew what was beyond the view of the camera lens. I've never been to Scotland, but it calls to me.

nyx said...

It's interesting there was an olfactory component since it's well-known in psychology that scent can be a powerful memory trigger.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating and relates to some reserach I am conducting for my next book. Anonymous & Anette- I would love to hear more about your stories, Anne Jirsch

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